Valentine’s at the Millyard


A vintage electric sign that hangs on the fourth floor of the Mill, in Academics. 

Each day, when I step off of the elevator or enter from the south staircase, I see this vintage neon sign at work. Its bright colors add to the cool atmosphere of the industrial chic that makes the Millyard so hip, like “American Pickers meets Academe.”

There are many cool features to this building (erected in 1902, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Co.), like tall ceilings with exposed pipes and hanging lights, hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and brickwork. Near my office space, I even have an antique bicycle suspended overhead, and a number of vintage neon signs glow throughout the building.

I must confess that I love that Southern New Hampshire University preserves the history of old Manchester, NH, its rich history in manufacturing textiles, by making the old modern.

And, on a day like this one, this particular sign is all the more fitting.


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