Introvert Things: Trees

Silhouette of an old catalpa on a winter’s evening.

So, I’m a little obsessed with trees. Well, maybe a lot obsessed. Especially old tall trees with knarls and crooked trunks, burling & shaggy bark, specimens like the Whomping Willow or the sublime Twisted Tree of the Dead in Sleepy Hollow.

(You might have guessed that already from today’s earlier post about the peach and pear trees.)

In the above image from the front yard of the farm, a mature catalpa sprawls its limbs like a final yawn before retiring for a good night’s sleep. The setting sun cast a pink glow against the clouds, illuminating the tree from behind.

Silent moments alone like this, spent in nature staring at trees, observing every unique detail–this is another thing I appreciate as an introvert.

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