Introvert Things: Candles

Favorite tea light holders, cast iron, one with a rustic scene of trees & deer.

Since introverts tend to like to be inside during inclement weather, enjoying the quiet and brooding gray light, candles hold great appeal in the concept of hygge. A glowing hearth and the flicker of candles lend a golden glow to cozy domestic spaces.

Fall provides a great time to pull out glowing pumpkins.

Fall and winter are the best times for hygge, though spring showers and strings of lights and fireflies in a summer backyard can be equally magical. Perhaps glowing lights remind us of magic itself, spells and sparks from wands. Gandalf’s staff or a lumos spell?

Tea and candles.

Maybe it’s Promethean? The forbidden gift of fire, fueling creativity and human civilization? Or mythological, like Hephaestus working at the forge, crafting Zeus’ lightning bolts? Or is it more Biblical, like the burning bush awaiting Moses?

Another glowing pumpkin.

Even living organisms that generate light fascinate us. Dragons of lore breathe fire, alien-like bottom-dwelling sea creatures generate their own bioluminiscence in oceanography, and ritualistically children try to capture in Mason jars as a part of youth.

And then there are lights connected to religious, pagan, and historical events. Firework displays, lanterns, strings of lights hung decoratively.

But there’s still something about the glow of candles, of watching flames themselves. Tea lights, votives, jars, and pillars, tapers, hurricane lamps and kerosene lanterns. They all hold appeal.

Lanterns and tea light holders.

3 thoughts on “Introvert Things: Candles

    1. Thank you! Yes, it is hard to capture. It’s like ekphrasis, the dissonance between a visual image and a word picture. Each person will envision something different when reading words that try to capture something visual. Except this has an additional emotional component! Thank you for reading and the comment!

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