Antique Grain Bins

A pair of lovely antique grain bins from my talented sister-in-law who professionally designs home interiors.

One of my favorite things at the farm is this pair of antique grain bins, carved and chippy with wrought iron handles and brackets. Such a lovely gift from my sister-in-law, whose unique style of industrial farmhouse really appeals to me.

The Cambridge bin is particularly special to me because of my summers spent in grad research at Gonville & Caius College, at the University of Cambridge. Yet, both bin names tie back to Merry Old England, apropos for a New England farm. Perhaps that’s why I find them so particularly charming?!

Periodically, I’ll showcase some of the favorite antique furniture & collectibles from the farm on this blog. Everything has a special meaning & a story, since Wharton’s decorating advice was to surround yourself with practical objects with a purpose but beautiful at the same time!

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