Introvert Things: Nooks

Unique nooks in an introvert’s home hold great appeal.

So, I’m a confessed lover of nooks as an introvert. Most introverts are homebodies, so the home must be charming & unique with personal touches. This is one of my very favorite nooks if you couldn’t tell. The natural light is lovely in this room at the farm.

A close-up of cool things like found bird nests, pinecones, & turkey feathers.

Antique Mason jars, chippy signs, & little natural objects help to create an aesthetic I love in this nook. A pop of greenery, when outside is drab & rather colorless. Different plant textures create depth & variety.

The wasp’s nest & handpainted barn owl accent add to the effect.

And I’m pretty obsessed with signs, which you may have noticed already. I have more authentic signs to hang or rotate out, but that collection will be another blog session. I also collect old medicinal bottles (especially from sentimental places), & little animal figures to populate scenes.

Many introverts tailor their home design to match their specific personal tastes & with favorite, meaningful things. Since we prefer to spend time in our home environments, we try to make them as cozy & comforting as possible.

On a lazy Sunday, nooks bring visual joy to those introverts inside the home.

The nest was found beneath a tree & the antique bottle became iridescent with age.

The hiking mouse with turkey feather behind.

6 thoughts on “Introvert Things: Nooks

  1. Indeed your work is Beatifull and the nature we brung out frim in the nature itself just blooms another half percent more.. Im or outside. Just looks amazind.. Im lookimg for some art for my home. Maybe you can help me pic some. Accorse from your collection. If that is ok. With you. I love art but ill tell decorating is not my strong point…lol.. Thank you? Lady’s guys enjoy the rest of your day. God bless.πŸ˜„

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