Kolkwitzia amabilis.

In front of the farmhouse, there’s a lovely ornamental perennial known in common terms as the “beautybush.” the plant is actually native to China, and it blooms here in southern NH after the peonies & lilacs go off. Since there are both white & purple lilacs in front of the house, this shrub gives a great pop of pink close to when the royal purple smokebush blooms.

Another view.

Like the smokebush and Rose of Sharon, these kinds of plantings are considered “old-fashioned,” which to me is appropriate. The farm’s history becomes enhanced by these older specimens. Curls of peeling bark hang in tendrils along the limbs, & quite often either chickadees or wild finches nest & brood there.

Purple lilac in front.

The smokebush has been getting big, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of the spring blooms, this year! Like instruments in an orchestra, each of these shrubs and trees contributes a specifically timed note to the music of the landscape as a whole.

But I must say the beautybush is particularly spectacular. Her showy blossoms last for a few lovely weeks, & I can’t wait for their return!

Close up of beautybush blossoms.

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