Soothing Tea

Earl Grey tea with lemon and honey, a soothing potable.

Often, when I look at familiar images of my favorite things, I feel warm feelings of happiness, comfort, relaxation, calm, rest, coziness. It’s sort of a epiphany, a sudden realization that maybe that’s why I take so many pictures at the farm? Reflecting on those photos of interior spaces & the landscape gives me warm fuzzies. And when I’m stressed, I return to those things, especially as an introvert with anxiety.

Tea in particular provides me with comfort, so that’s why you’ll see images of tea as a recurring motif on this blog.

My mother regularly gave me Lipton tea with milk as a child, so I grew up fond of black teas, especially orange pekoe. Now, as an adult, I appreciate a variety of tea blends, but still mostly strong, potent flavors. My go-to black tea blends are PG Tips, Harney & Sons’ Royal English Breakfast, Twinings’ Earl Grey, & Celestial Seasonings’ Chai.

A good amount of kitchen storage at the farm holds tea tins, cups, spoons, sets, & service pieces. You could say I’m a bit of an aficionado. Perhaps that’s another reason why I love the UK and the history of the East India Tea Company.

6 thoughts on “Soothing Tea

  1. While I acquired my taste for tea when I came down with pneumonia my senior year in high school, and my sister administered it to me to help “clear my lungs.”
    The quest in my household is for a good Russian Caravan. Twinings’ version was a favorite, but they stopped selling it years ago, even in the gourmet specialty store in Harvard Square. We keep trying other brands in hope that one day we’ll find one just as good as, if not better.

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