Hostas & More Hostas

My Earth Angel hosta, quite large in circumference.

So, I have a bit of a hosta addiction. And, each spring & summer, I try to find new varieties & colors I haven’t collected yet to add to the grounds. The plants all vary in size, shape, color, & height, even blooms. There are designer varieties, & some prefer the older standbys. The leaves are really the thing that viewers admire.

This variety is almost blue in the center with a line green edge.

You could say my Pinterest boards (which I’ve long neglected, sad to say) fed my fascination with hosta specimens beyond the basic green and white variegated general species. Shade plants, hostas do very well at the farm under the many mature trees that populate its landscape. Last summer’s project was the start of a new forest garden, situated under an ancient pine, with ferns, hostas, ornamental grasses, and creeping vines beneath its heavily shagged & drooping limbs.

Another view of a few hosta types.

From a nearby perennial garden place, I’ve acquired many unique types of hostas known to thrive in this zone & climate. Yet, I’m constantly battling the pernicious voles & chipmunks that burrow to eat the plants’ root systems. One vole even took out my Empress Wu hosta two years ago, & I still haven’t recovered from that loss!

Here, you can see the blue and lime a bit better.

There’s one prized area that holds several large species of hosta: the Orange Marmalade, First Frost, Striptease, Devil’s Advocate, & Patriot varieties. I also have a Queen of the Seas, a Sum & Substance, a Blue Mouse Ears, & Rainbow’s Edge as well. At some point when I have time, I’ll properly tag them all. Until then, I’ll just keep adding and admiring.

A Sagae hosta among other types.

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