The Koi Pond

The first summer with the koi pond.

Among the perennial beds at the farm, there’s a little koi pond with a water feature that trickles down, creating a lovely sound. Eight koi swim around in it, their colors ranging from bright orange, to white & gold, to a mottled white & gold with black speckles. They also vary in size, the largest acting as a kind of grandfather fish, first to eat and respected as an elder of the school, venerable and wise.

Plants have evolved near the pond, with sedges and ferns.

The perennial garden bed surrounding the pond contains a number of different shade plants. Plants like Japanese painted fern, ornamental grasses, creeping Jenny, hens and chicks, & forget-me-nots.

A special Japanese maple sits behind the gold mop cypress, in the upper right corner.

Two types of frogs, one a large green and the other a smaller brown, enjoy playing in the pond, lounging on the stones nearest the cascading water. When they see something moving, you’ll hear the plop as they spring into the water for safety.

Another view of the koi pond.

Two summers ago, I planted a special ornamental tree, a “Peaches & Cream” cutleaf Japanese maple, in memory of my brother Dan, who passed away in 2004. The tree took, growing more each year. My horticulturist best friend Heather chants the mantra of perennial gardening to me, “sleep, creep, leap,” for the three years for most plants to thrive in the landscape.

A closer look at the memory tree, which will only reach a height of 6 feet.

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in one of the Adirondack chairs on the deck, looking over the pond & shade gardens and out to the orchard & wildflower field.

On a perfect day, a gentle wind prompts the wind chimes to accompany the sound of the water, drawing all kinds of birds to the feeders. They happily come, drinking from the water and flitting around, tree to tree.

The gardens & birds create a refuge for this introverted soul. It’s this time of year that I miss it the most. Yet, as is the case with the things we love & desire most, it’s worth the wait. Like life itself, knowing that it will last for only so long, we must savor every single moment.

A closer look at the water feature & koi pond.

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