Introvert Things: Pets

Minerva, the little Animagus.

When you’re an introvert, you recharge by being alone, away from the draining force of other humans. And, while being entirely alone is sometimes necessary too, there’s a kind of comfort we find in being around our pets. When you bond with your pet, especially highly socialized animals like dogs & cats, your pet starts to sense your moods, offering comfort when they see you out of sorts.

Wampa, the extroverted yellow lab.

Studies show that petting cats reduces stress, and cats offer comfort by purring, nuzzling, curling up on a lap, emitting warmth. Cats also are fairly independent, meaning they too only want affection on their own terms. This a good thing because introverts don’t always want a constantly needy or clingy pet.

Maximus, the alpha Maine Coon & ginger boy.

Dogs provide their own charms, devoted & loyal, eager to offer love & companionship. They provide an excuse for nature walks, clean up spilled food, protect the home from unwanted visitors, & display (most breeds) an exuberance in trying to make their owner happy. Their love seems unconditional.

At the farm, there are three cats, a dog, a turtle named Bilbo, and eight koi. They all live indoors, except the koi who only go outside for the summers in the pond. This means the furry creatures own this farmhouse.

Mardigan, le petite chat.

What is particularly appealing about pets is their ability to offer love and care without guile or dissembling. Their motives are pretty transparent. This attracts introverts, due to their skeptical nature.

But best of all, pets help Gary Larson create hilarious, single-panel cartoons. Priceless.

When I took this, it screamed Gary Larson to me. Extra points for commenting below with a caption!

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