Introvert Things: Pens

Staples for introverts, pens & post-its.

Practically all introverts I know appreciate the gift of a good pen. Most have very specific favorites (having only one is difficult!), & they can tell you how their pen expertise has evolved over the years. From flowing ink to gel & from nib to ball-tip, their pen specifications & preferences widely vary.

Drawing pens.

Since writing, doodling, sketching, printing & script require focus & quiet, introverts often use journaling and/or art as an outlet for stress. A leather-bound journal holds appeal along with the pen, since those in coffee shops or public places can use them as tools for warning off strangers or acquaintances.

Journaling tools.

Tastes differ, of course, depending on the purpose & use of the pen. For me, I find my handwriting changes to a certain extent as a result of the particular pen choice. My favorite samples of my own handwriting require me to use a felt-tip or marker pen (like a Sharpie). For jotting down notes or in less formal writing, I prefer extra fine ball tip, flowing ink pens, & I’ll buy them in larger packs.

The art of doodling.

Want to distract or lose introverts in the store? Bring them to the stationery section!

My childhood excitement around back-to-school days involved all the school supplies I’d be able to get. My favorite gifts were art supplies like a Crayola Caddy or scented marker sets. Trapper Keepers were the coolest. I’d leaf through the mailed flyers, picking out my wish list of items in advance.

The grown-up version of art supplies.

Nowadays, I admittedly collect pens, protecting my very favorites, as some of them have been discontinued & are no longer available. Most writers (writing is a field that naturally attracts introverts) carry pens with them at all times. They can easily list their top choices.

And there’s just something about a great pen–the weight, the feel, the flow of ink, its responsiveness to heavy stock paper! Right? There’s a kind of magic in discovering the right one, like going to Ollivander’s to have the perfect wand choose you.

What’s your favorite pen of all time?

One of my favorites.

Office supplies, the grown-up version of back-to-school shopping.

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