Custom Labels

Labels for larger jars of preserves.

Yes, I’m that kind of person who orders custom labels and business cards. I’m sure you’re thinking that the next thing will be embossing writing paper and envelopes… & yes, to my embarrassment that’s to come.

Stationery that’s customized to a named home really isn’t such a strange thing if you look at authors who wrote letters via what we now call snail mail. One of the ways we can track where authors were historically when they wrote their epistles or missives is from those labels.

Given the history of this NH farm (especially as a former boarding house during the 1930s), I thought it’d be fun to have formal labels made, mainly for gifts of preserves given to friends & family. There are a couple of different styles based on the jar size, but they add a bit of pizzazz, I think.

But, yes, yet to come is the rest of the matching stationery.

Really, I’m just building up to it. Or, really, I’m just trying to justify my nerdy penchant for stylish labels.

Labels for smaller jars.

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